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Interview with Leslie Karen Hammond

Listen and watch Abby’s interview with the talented host Leslie Karen Hammond on the topic of getting control of your reading workload.

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Interview on Reading and Learning at The Speed Reading Lounge

The interview is structured into roughly three parts. The first one is going to focus on reading in general, the second one is about Abby as a person, the third part is about her work and activities.

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Read at the Speed of Thought Podcast Interview on The Productivity Show

Zack chats with speed reading expert Abby Marks Beale, who has been teaching people how to read and comprehend faster for more than 20 years. They discuss key characteristics of speed readers, specific tips that you can use to comprehend and read faster, and the latest speed reading apps.

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Real Simple Speed Reading

With all the information careering towards us on paper and on screens, it’s hard to keep pace. Abby Marks Beale, creator of the Rev It Up Reading course and podcast, discusses how to absorb it more effectively.

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