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Solid reading skills are a MUST for everyone on a college campus. The Rev It Up Reading Online Course builds confidence and competence to tackle ANY reading workload.

I learned many great techniques to increase my reading speed and also increase my comprehension.  I also learned some techniques for note-taking and organizing my life in general.

Laurelle G.

College student

This is the kind of course that will get your reading abilities from good to great, from great to excellent. I’m excited by the prospect of all the great reading I’ll be able to cover with the tools this course has taught me! 

Eric W

Graphic Designer

You know how to read BUT do you know how to read to learn?? Our strategic reading training provides many simple and proven strategies for:

  • Becoming an active, mindful and conscious reader.
  • Reading faster and understanding more the first time.
  • Increasing concentration while reading.
  • Remembering more.
  • Finding the important information, quickly.
  • Taking useful notes from reading material for future use.
  • Time managing any reading workload.
  • Increasing reading confidence and competence.
  • Enjoy reading more!

Any university that considers itself an online campus offering online courses are also perfect candidates for recommending the Rev It Up Reading online course to its current and prospective students.

Why Rev It Up Reading is Good for Students

This course is appropriate for EVERYONE on a college campus who has A LOT to read including incoming freshman, current undergraduates and graduate students, athletes, online learners, faculty, staff and administration. About College Site License Rates*

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All of my high school students completed the program, and loved it! It really helped boost confidence and comprehension. We were amazed at how easy it was to improve our reading speed. Our practice SAT scores certainly benefitted from the skills taught in the course. I will be spreading the word of your program to my college aged friends. Everyone needs to take the course!

Samuel F.

Upward Bound College Prep Coordinator, Washington State University

Strategic Reading Course Options:

Online Training

We offer an easy-to-follow online strategic reading course divided into nine, half-hour modules. The course takes a total of about five hours and includes 17 timed reading exercises and the ability to email Abby with any questions at any time. We offer great group discounts for schools, colleges and universities.

College Events

Abby has helped thousands of college students get up to speed with what they read! She LOVES working with college students and will come to your campus to present her popular strategic reading workshop, geared especially for college students. Schedule your workshop early before the calendar fills up!  Scroll down to see what’s covered. . .


Abby creates, designs and personally presents interactive strategic reading webinars of varying lengths and topics. Get the personal touch without the cost of in-person training. Most webinars include downloadable handouts.

College Events and In-Person Workshops

Abby Marks Beale has helped thousands of college students get up to speed with what they read! She loves working with college students and will come to your campus to present her popular strategic reading workshop, geared especially for college students. Abby is also knowledgeable in college-level study skills and she incorporates many simple tips and strategies to help students manage their reading and study workload. These workshops are great for ALL college students and are especially helpful in the first year. Audience size and time frames can be tailored to your needs. A typical strategic reading workshop will cover:

  • The 5 Gears for Reading
  • What’s your current reading speed and what does it mean?
  • Expanding your peripheral vision
  • How to stay awake while reading
  • What to spend time on (and what not to)
  • How to speed up reading when you want to
  • Finding the most important information quickly
  • Remembering what you read
  • Tips for reading on screen

Hire Abby to come to your school. Contact her to schedule your workshop.

This program is really helpful if you’re not a very confident reader and does not spend a lot of time reading, it helped me not only improve my reading and confidence, but also increased my desire to reading.

Christian N


I am well on my way to becoming the strong, efficient reader I will need to be for college.

Miranda P.

High school senior

I went from struggling with my reading and getting decent grades to speeding through my reading with A’s! Thank you so much!

Lyle S.

College student

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