Strategic Reading For Fun and Leisure

Strategic reading is a great skill for getting through your pleasure novels, favorite magazines and website surfing. blank11

When reading for pleasure, some people love to savor and chew every word while others like to speed through the text looking for the action. That’s the beauty of it – there is NO test or responsibility attached to leisure reading and you can read it as you wish! However, when you learn speed reading strategies, you become a more versatile reader now capable of shifting your reading speed according to your purpose. You can also read more of your favorite material in less time! Additionally, you learn how to prioritize your reading based on your personal value and to weed through large amounts of information (both fiction and non-fiction). Becoming a confident speed reader will help you grow your knowledge -base in your personal and professional life. It’s fun to learn how to be a smarter, faster and just plain better reader!

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Your course has made a meaningful difference in my life. God’s honest truth! 

Doug O.

I learned many ways to increase my reading speed and comprehension level.

L. Maresco

I’d recommend this course to students who read a lot and to colleagues who feel bogged down by reading.

Sherry S.

Strategic Reading Course Options for Leisure Readers:

Online Training

We offer an easy-to-follow online strategic reading course divided into nine, half-hour modules. The course takes a total of about five hours and includes 17 timed reading exercises and the ability to email Abby with any questions at any time. We offer great group discounts for schools, colleges and universities.

How-To Books

Abby, America’s #1 speed reading expert, is author of 10 Days to Faster Reading, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading and Success Skills: Strategies for Study and Lifelong Learning — all available in our store.


Abby creates, designs and personally presents interactive strategic reading webinars of varying lengths and topics. Get the personal touch without the cost of in-person training. Most webinars include downloadable handouts.

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