It’s Been A Really Busy Year!
This year has seen many positive additions to the Rev It Up Reading Online Course. Since March, users are now able to access the course online 24/7 from a PC, Mac, iPad or Tablet with NO printing needed! Though this sounds simple, believe me (and my dedicated developers), this was no easy task. And just this week, we’ve made another important touch up that allows the course to download easier and navigate through the course any way you want.

We’ve had 350 people test out our FREE Reading Tune Up and buyers are coming in from all around the world, including England (UK), New Zealand, Vietnam, India, Oman, Indonesia, Romania and more.

Starting this week, the F*REE Reading Tune Up includes my favorite exercise called Discipline Your Eyes. You can download the paper version here.

Earlier in the year, I was a guest on The Productivity Show podcast which spread the word about Rev It Up Reading to many more people. I recently recorded a follow up podcast with them that is expected to air around New Year’s that focuses on the content of the Rev It Up Reading Online Course. I’ll share the link once I have it.

Thanks to our growing list of dedicated and talented affiliates, our website traffic has more than quadrupled in the past six months! If you too would like to become an affiliate, click here to learn more and apply.

If you know anyone in Asia, tell them Rev It Up Reading is now listed for sale on a new online course website called Wedemic. If you speak and read English, you can take this course!

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