Abby Marks Beale was interviewed by Wall Street Journal columnist Sue Shellenbarger for a newspaper article entitled: “Get Down to Magazine Zero: Reading Faster and Smarter” and the digital version was entitled “How to De-Clutter Your Magazine Pile”. The article ran on Wednesday March 11 in the Personal Journal.  The entire article is worth a readSee It Here

Here’s the snippet quoting Abby:

Abby Marks Beale, author of three books on speed reading and learning skills, advises taking a critical approach to your reading list. To decide whether a blog is worth following, stop for a week, then look back to see if you missed anything of real importance, she says. If not, let it go. To get rid of guilt-inducing magazine and newspaper piles, assign each item a priority from 1-10, with 10 being the most valuable. Then, toss everything rated 5 or below she says.

The idea of speed reading tends to elicit eye-rolls. However, certain speed reading techniques can help any reader get through dull or must-read articles or reports more efficiently, says Ms. Beale, author of an online speed reading course, Rev It Up Reading. Knowing speed reading skills doesn’t mean you use them on everything, she adds; it’s fine to savor a novel; slowly. When reading for information, however, focusing on key words, or noticing how important points in an article are organized, are techniques that can save time. Online programs such as ZapReader and Spreeder offer practice in speed reading.

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