The Gift of NOT Reading? What’s that all about?! Sometimes “life” literally gets in the way of our established routines. We are well-meaning, organized (somewhat), conscientious people who get sucked into the busy-ness of the holidays. We spend more quality time with our families, we go shopping more this month than any other time in the year and we socialize with friends and colleagues we might have neglected all year. It’s a wonderful, needed time of year. . . but who’s got time to read?!

What I am referring to is reading factual material for learning purposes, or the more challenging material to understand and focus on called non-fiction. (If you are taking a class and you HAVE to read this stuff, please ignore my advice!) Most non-fiction magazines and books that we stack-up to read require some peacefulness and emptiness of mind in order to get its full meaning. Many times we want to apply what we have read to some aspect of our lives which takes time and mental energy too.

So my gift to you this holiday season is permission to NOT read ANY non-fiction – unless you REALLY want to! Accept that your “to-read” stack WILL be a little higher at the start of next month. Plan a little more reading time then to get through it all, or be prepared to throw away a little more than usual. Give yourself the gift of NO reading guilt, at least this month. *

Happy Holidays everyone!

*And if time and brain power allows, read as much fiction as you want. A good book can calm a stressed holiday mind.


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