When you think about doing some business or academic reading, do you have the perfect place in mind that assures you peace, quiet and good concentration? Or do you desperately try to read where ever you are and hope you can get some done?

After many conversations over many years with people in my workshops, it is clear that those who get a lot of reading done, have a “special place” to do it. Those that don’t get a lot of reading done, don’t have that special place.

I thought about this in my world and realize that when I get serious about getting a lot of business or academic reading accomplished, the last place I want to do it is my home office. There are way too many distractions and interruptions. Even though my office is the place my mind is used to working, it is NOT the place my mind easily focuses on learning. So I have naturally moved to the cleared-off kitchen or dining room table instead. When I read a casual magazine or a novel where learning is not required, I can focus adequately enough while sitting on the living room couch (without the TV on!) or my bed.

For those who work in companies, many agree that their office desk is too distracting so they arrange some time for themselves in an empty conference room, a cafeteria off-hours, a colleagues office who is traveling or if an option, a corporate library. If they are lucky enough to have a meeting table in their office in addition to their desk, they typically move there.

So I ask you – WHERE do you prefer to read when the task is learning? I’d love to hear from you!


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