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Become the BEST reader you can be! Learn simple strategies to help you read faster, concentrate better, understand more, and remember well. It’s really possible!

    “It’s never too late to improve your reading habits.”

    Vin D.

    “Fabulous. A quick fix for those wanting to quickly increase their reading and comprehension capabilities. Wonderful for professionals as well as students.”

    Sam G.

    “I’ve almost tripled my reading speed within 7 days. I wish I took this course twenty years ago.”

    Sean C.

    Get Up To Speed With What You Read in JUST 5 Hours!

    If you’re like most, you haven’t had ANY reading training (let alone speed reading training) since elementary school. And just because you’ve learned how to read, it doesn’t mean you know how to read to learn. It’s time to give your eyes and brain the tune up they deserve to get through the overwhelming amount of email, magazines, newspapers, textbooks and other business, academic or personal reading you have to get through. 
    Click here to take our Speed Reading test to gauge your current speed.

    Imagine . . . being able to keep up with your academic assignments.
    Imagine . . . getting through your professional pile of reading you’ve stacked up over the last few months.
    Imagine . . .enjoying reading because you know how to get what you need without falling asleep or wasting time.

    NOW is the time to let your imagination turn into reality!

    This course is for YOU
    if you . . .

    • ^Feel you’re a slow reader.
    • ^Have little time to read a lot.
    • ^Daydream a lot when you read.
    • ^Read a lot on-screen.
    • ^Are overwhelmed with all you read.
    • ^Are in school OR planning to go back to school.
    • ^Haven’t had any reading training since elementary school.
    • ^Have always wanted to take a speed reading class.
    • ^Want to know what it feels like to be more confident in your reading abilities!

    When you complete the course, you’ll be able to:

    • ^Read faster and better both on paper and on-screen.
    • ^Understand and remember more the first time.
    • ^Stay awake and concentrate better with less distractions.
    • ^Remember more of what you read.
    • ^Take control of your reading workload(s).
    • ^Find important information q-u-i-c-k-l-y.
    • ^Take effective notes from non-fiction reading material.
    • ^Return to school with confidence.
    • ^Complete standardized reading tests with good results.
    • ^Feel competent reading on-screen while printing less.
    • ^Save time by reading more in less time.
    • ^Get better grades.
    • ^Feel more confident about ALL your reading abilities.
    • ^Enjoy reading more!

    Get started today,
    Get more done tomorrow

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    • ^Track Your Progress
    • ^Read Better and Faster After 5 Hours

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