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Staying current in your field is essential to your career success. Those who read frequently and widely are more effective in their work than those who don’t. Let the strategies offered in the Rev It Up Reading Online Course guide you to the top of your field by learning how to read smarter, faster and just plain better.

    “This was a great course. It was very informational while still fast paced. I feel like I gained a great span of knowledge on how to better the amount of reading I have to get through on a weekly basis.”

    Amber V.
    Grad Student

    “I’ve almost tripled my reading speed within 7 days. I wish I took this course twenty years ago.”

    Sean C.

    “I never thought speed reading could be so approachable! I feel more confident in both my ability to read through material quickly AND retain the information that I’ve read. Thank you!”

    Mike S.
    Productivity Expert

    “Rev It Up Reading does a fantastic job of covering multiple speed reading strategies. Abby exceeded my expectations with strategies that help qualify reading material and improve retention. I highly recommend the course!”

    Mark S.

    Speed Reading For

    ALL Business Professionals

    Got reading? What busy professional doesn’t! Smarter, faster and just plain better reading skills can help you better manage your reading workload while staying current in your field.

    The road to knowledge begins with the turn of a page

    When was the last time you had ANY reading training? If you are like most, it was way back in elementary school!  The reading habits you acquired back then were appropriate for a young reader, but they don’t work well today as you struggle to process mountains of printed information, both on paper AND on-screen.

    Rev It Up Reading can help you manage your professional reading workload AND stay current.

    Our proven and experienced training works on developing the four main areas of good reading: reading speed, concentration, comprehension and retention. Shared are tips, tools and strategies you can immediately use to make a BIG dent in the piles of reading you face daily both on paper AND on-screen. You will also feel more confident and competent as a result of the strategic reading training.

    All our programs are interactive and the content is immediately usable on your reading workload. We offer four options for helping you and your organization get up to speed with what you read. Click here to read our FAQ.

    Learning Options For Business Professionals

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