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For over thirty years, Abby has been a skilled speed-reading workshop presenter and educational guide. She has created and personally delivers dynamic and interactive speed-reading training of different time frames for diverse audience needs – both in-person and virtual.

    “This was a great course. It was very informational while still fast paced. I feel like I gained a great span of knowledge on how to better the amount of reading I have to get through on a weekly basis.”

    Amber V.
    Grad Student

    “Rev It Up Reading helped me overcome my slow reading habits and doubts as a reader. I am now a better, faster, more confident reader after completing this course, and I feel I can handle any reading material that may come my way.”

    Sarah L.
    College Student

    “It’s not just a speed reading course, it is a comprehensive package to keep you motivated and stick to your learning goals.”

    Dr Prashant D.
    Assistant Professor

    Meet Abby Marks Beale

    Abby Marks Beale offers a variety of content-rich and motivating sessions relevant to today’s overwhelming workload issues for both busy professionals and struggling college students . She is a highly skilled speaker and workshop presenter who has spoken to a wide variety of audiences, including associations, corporations, colleges, universities and schools.

    For business professionals and association meetings, Abby’s thought-provoking, high content programs include practical information and savvy strategies for better managing your information overload and to feel more satisfied at the end of every day. Depending on the topics chosen, your group can learn how to manage their reading workload, manage their time better or just be more capable of living a little smarter and slower in our fast-forward world.

    For college audiences, Abby shares incredibly content-rich speed reading workshops for managing the college reading workload, including many useful study skills strategies. Perfect to offer at the beginning of any term, for the high school to college transition and any Freshmen Year Experience curriculum.

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