Speed Reading For ALL Students

Reading is the mother of all study skills. Master your reading – and your academic tasks become so much more doable! Gain reading confidence and competence for all your academic reading assignments and tests by using the proven strategies offered in the Rev It Up Reading Online Course.

    “This course was a fulfilling, productive, and exciting way to spend time during the summer!”

    Luke M.
    High-school Student

    “Rev It Up Reading does a fantastic job of covering multiple speed reading strategies. Abby exceeded my expectations with strategies that help qualify reading material and improve retention. I highly recommend the course!”

    Mark S.

    “It (the course) was very simple to understand and learned the great ways to becoming a faster reader. This online course was the best!”

    Josh R.
    High school Junior

    “I’ve almost tripled my reading speed within 7 days. I wish I took this course twenty years ago.”

    Sean C.

    “This program was awesome. It gave me great methods to improve my reading.”

    Jonathan R.
    High School IB student (Gr 11)

    Speed Reading For Students

    Speed reading is a must-have skill for high school students, college students and anyone returning to school after many years. With all the reading required in school, advanced reading strategies are needed, and they aren’t taught in school. Rev It Up Reading to the rescue!

    Why Rev It Up Reading is Good for Students?

    You know how to read BUT do you know how to read to learn?? Our smart reading training provides many simple and proven strategies for:

    • ^Reading more in less time.
    • ^Understanding more the first time.
    • ^Concentrating better and learning how to secure a better study environment.
    • ^Remembering more of what you read.
    • ^Finding the important information, quickly.
    • ^Taking good notes on and from reading material for easier study.
    • ^Time managing your reading workload.
    • ^Feeling confident and competent in your role as a learner.
    Taking SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE or other standardized reading test?? The skills you learn in the Rev It Up Reading Online Course have shown to improve standardized test scores. Not only do students report actually finishing the test, they also feel more confident with their newly acquired smart reading strategies. So what are you waiting for? Get started on improving your reading skills NOW!

    Bring Rev It Up Reading to Your Educational Institution

    Learning how to read smarter and faster is a wonderful skill for busy high school and college students as well as for the faculty and staff that work there. It is also very helpful for improving standardized test scores. Here are just some ideas for how you can use a Rev It Up Reading Online Course group site license:

    • ^For your Freshman Orientation.
    • ^For a First-Year College Experience program.
    • ^For your Academic Learning Skills Center.
    • ^As part of a Developmental Reading curriculum.
    • ^For Summer Session bonus activity.
    • ^For Fraternity and Sorority members.
    • ^For Busy Faculty, Staff, and Administration.
    • ^For a Book Club.
    • ^For HS Juniors BEFORE taking standardized tests.
    • ^For HS/College Athletes.
    • ^For general use in your computer labs.
    • ^For any group of students.
    • ^For any group of parents.
    • ^For ANY other interested group!

    Some of Our Education Clients

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