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What’s your current reading speed? Knowing what your reading speed is now – and what it means – will help you to better understand who you are as reader and what you could do to take your reading to the next level. Take our quick reading test below to find out!

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    Online Speed Reading Test

    What’s YOUR current reading speed?


    • Click Start Reading button below.
    • Read the text like you normally do.
    • Click the Finished button when you are done.
    • Your words per minute will be displayed.
    • Learn what your number means!

    Which do you think is more important for speed reading, your eyes or your brain? If your eyes are fast but you have no brain comprehension, the activity is useless. If your brain comprehends everything, but your eyes move slowly, you won’t be able to speed read. So to read faster, you need the cooperation of your eyes and your brain, but think of your eyes as the catalyst for your brain.


    Your eyes are the gateway to your mind. If your gate is open a half inch, that’s what the mind processes. If your gate is open four inches, the mind will learn to process that much. One goal of speed reading is to help you learn how to broaden your eye span to see more words at a time while maintaining, or improving, comprehension.


    If you learned to read by the phonics method (sounding out every word and then hearing it in your head before understanding it), it makes sense that you may still be individually decoding words while you read silently. This means you stop your eyes on one word at a time and have a narrow eye span. Skilled speed readers have learned to expand their peripheral vision. Their wide eye span, both horizontally and vertically, enables them to see more than one word at a time. And that means gaining reading speed.


    No matter what you think about your reading skills, give yourself credit for how much you have achieved and how far you have come with the skills you currently possess. If you are looking to improve your reading skills, the Rev It Up Reading Online Course will teach you how to read smarter, faster and just plain better. Now’s the time to get started speeding up your reading!


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    What Your Beginning Number Means

    IF you read between 100-200 words per minute, you are considered a slow “talker” reader who typically sounds out every word either inside your head (mentally whispering) or visibly moving your lips. You are still decoding familiar words which isn’t necessary for adult readers but all too common. 

    IF you read between 200 and 300 words per minute, you are an average reader. Though this seems faster than the slower readers, you possess some of the slower “talker” reader qualities coupled with some of the faster “thinker” qualities. Understanding how to become a “thinker” reader and less of a “talker” reader will help you read more in less time with increased concentration and comprehension.

    IF you read above 300 words per minute, you’re considered a naturally faster “thinker” reader who has figured out how to read more than one word at a time, usually in thought groups. Getting formal training will build awareness for how to capitalize on this natural ability. 

    All readers, no matter their starting words per minute, have the potential to read smarter, faster and just plain better once they learn the simple active, mindful and conscious reading strategies presented in our speed reading online course. 

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