Group Site Licenses for Corporate Professionals and Associations

“An excellent course: a small time commitment with huge payoff!”

Susan A.
Medical Resident

“If you want to read faster, then you Rev It Up Reading is the perfect course for it.”

Florian M.

“Very useful course, I love it.”

Jihane M.

Busy professionals are just that – BUSY! Finding time to read isn’t always easy so it’s best to use whatever reading time is available as efficiently as possible. Your colleagues, employees and association members will thank you for helping them get through their reading workload with Rev It Up Reading Online Course! Organizations can use the online course in many ways:

  • As an organization-wide offering to improve and enhance your organization’s reading abilities.
  • As part of a communications training curriculum alongside a writing and/or presentation skills program.
  • As a required program for anyone entering a company-paid college curriculum.
  • As a benefit of employment for the employee AND their family.

If you see another option for using the course, please let us know!

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Every Site License Includes:

  • ^24/7 availability on any computer with Internet access
  • ^Unlimited use from home or school for one year
  • ^Complimentary accounts for supervising admins
  • ^An ebook copy of 10 Days to Faster Reading
  • ^Backend training for supervising admins
  • ^Unlimited support for supervising admins
  • ^Unique admin portal to monitor learner’s usage and course progress
  • ^Personal access to course creator and speed reading expert

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