“Recently I have decided that I would like to learn how to speed read. About a week after my initial learning process began, I purchased 10 Days to Faster Reading.  I want to start off by saying that this book has been amazing. I first started 280 wpm and on some time trials I read at around 580wpm.  My comprehension has remained the same throughout all the test trials.  I have become an avid reader over the past few months, and the skills that you have taught me have made me love to read even more. I look forward to applying the skills that I have learned and becoming an even better reader, and a more knowledgeable person. Thank you again, it has been a great experience.”

–  Justin P., 2nd Year College Student

“Greetings from Porto, Portugal. I just finished reading the “10 days for faster reading” book and I just want to thank you. I rediscovered the pleasure of reading.”

– Alberto Baldaque, Portugal

“I just read your book 10 Days to Faster Reading. Before I read this book I went for an assessment test at a community college. I took the test and got a 69 on reading, I knew I could do better and was searching around and found this book. After reading this book I retook the test and got an 89 on the reading portion of the assessment test, which is considered college level!!! Thank you so much, this book is great, I’ve always enjoyed reading, but I was too slow and that discouraged me. I enjoy reading, and I do alot more of it and in a faster way. Thank you!”

– Dominique W., Future Student

“I just completed your 10 Days to Faster Reading book, and it really works. No magic tricks, just common sense that has eluded me for years. THANK YOU! I had a backlog of about 15 books, and now it’s instantly down to 6 because quick scans of all of them showed me that 9 of them would not be the best use of my time. And, I’ll knock off the other 6 in less than half the time, allowing my learning to progress to other things.”

– Mark W

“By reading your speed reading book and chapter one of the Success Skills, I earned an A average by the end of the semester. Thanks to your books I made an A in the class and my GPA is now 3.727!!!”

– S. Toney: College Student

“10 Days to Faster Reading by Abby Marks-Beale wasn’t the book I was most looking forward to reading from the Personal MBA reading list. However, having finished the book and seeing the results it yielded I am really glad I read it.”

– Matt B, Blogge, Click here to read Matt’s Blog about this book.


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