A great way to find good reads is to ask your friends what they’re reading. I readily admit that much of my reading pile comes from them! Years ago, a close friend shared “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman and I have since recommended it many times over.

When I read it about seven years ago, I was already happily married for 18 years. My sons were 16 and 13, ripe ages for me to get some advice in better understanding my teenagers.

To nutshell the concepts, the author shares 5 core “love languages”. Everyone has at least one that is their primary and maybe one or more as secondary. I realized that one of my sons had a primary love language called “Gifts”. He loves things, not just any things, but really special and nice things. So in order for him to feel loved, in addition to my hugs and words of love, he would crave and appreciate some kind of physical gift now and again.

Ironically, my other son, could care less about that love language! He has an affinity for the love language called “Quality Time”. In order for him to feel loved, he would like us to spend time with him. It could be watching Jeopardy together, talking over dinner about his day or riding together in the car and chatting. Knowing this and making subtle adjustments in how I communicate with them has deepened our connections.

I now advocate this book as a “must read” for anyone in a serious relationship with a spouse, significant other, parent or child. The concepts could be applied to friends, bosses and relatives.

I’m sharing this with you because Valentine’s Day is approaching. It got me thinking about what might be useful to offer folks who want to learn these love languages while improving their reading skills.

So here’s my TWO-PART offer:

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Sending all of you a virtual hug of thanks for being with me on this journey! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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