Know you can shift your reading speed, once you know how!

Every reader has a proverbial reading stick-shift that consists of five gears, just like in
a manual car. Gears one and two are the slower gears while gears three, four and five
are the faster speeds. Most untrained readers are stuck in first or second gear because
they just don’t know how to get into gears three, four or five. Once you know how to get
into higher gears, then you always have a choice as to what gear you want to read in.

So how do you get into those elusive higher gears? There is a short list of helpful
strategies you can learn which I’ll describe in the next emails but for now, you can begin
to use your eyes more efficiently and effectively by checking out my favorite exercise
called Discipline Your Eyes available for FREE just click here to get access to what
I’m talking about!

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