Set yourself up for concentrating success

Before I go any further in giving you visual speed reading tips, I feel it’s important to talk
about where you read. No matter your reading speed, if you are in a distracting
environment, it just won’t work well.

Many people think that a bedroom or living room is a good place to read – and it can be
for reading casual fiction for your own enjoyment. It’s NOT, however, appropriate for
reading the non-fiction (factual material) required for work or academic study. The bed,
couch or recliner are just way too comfortable which frequently results in slower reading
with more daydreaming. Your brain is used to “working” sitting upright at a desk or table.
It needs a place where you’re not visually distracted like by a television or by a window
to a busy street. It also appreciates a quieter space with no auditory distractions like
music with words or people talking nearby.

Other places like a library, coffee shop, or empty classroom (if you’re a college student)
can possibly prove to be more effective for focused reading depending on your
distraction tolerance. The bottom line is to set yourself up for reading concentration
success, then as you learn more of the visual strategies, you can apply them more

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