Myth – I have to read every word to understand. As with many of the myths, we hold them because someone, most probably an elementary school teacher who was helping us learn how to read, told us we HAD to read every word. If we didn’t, then we won’t understand what we read.

Truth – You need to read every word until about 7th grade to build a solid working sight vocabulary. After that, reading every word becomes a serious waste of time. By using your peripheral vision, you can learn how to read more in less time by using key words or to read in thought groups. You can use your hands or a card to force your eyes down the page. You can learn how to skim and scan efficiently and effectively. All with good, or better, understanding.

Your bottom-line is – TIME! You cannot afford the time it takes to read every word anymore.

Your Challenge: Learn how to reduce the word-for-word reading by learning how to read faster! Consider reading a book on speed reading or taking a class in-person or online. The more you know about how to read better and faster, the less talking you will do.

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