Is reading a satisfying experience for you? Or more of a chore?

Some of you know that I came into this profession because I used to hate to read. Yes, it’s true – the creator of the Rev It Up Reading Online Course and author of several books on speed reading used to hate to read! I felt I was a very slow reader and I never turned to reading for anything.

It wasn’t until after four years of college that I was exposed to speed reading concepts and learned how simple they were to adopt. That was over 30 years ago.

Since then, I’ve researched, experimented with and taught thousands of people the simple secrets of how to read smarter, faster and just plain better. Some call it speed reading, but for many that concept can be very misleading, almost fantastical. Here’s my definition of speed reading:

Speed reading is a set of active, mindful and conscious strategies that allow you to get what you need q-u-i-c-k-l-y from ANY reading material in an efficient and effective manner.

(It’s NOT reading War and Peace in five minutes and saying it’s a book about Russia!)

So if you’re looking to upgrade your reading skills, learn faster and read more in less time, now’s the time to get up speed with what you read.

In the spirit of keeping healthy, busy and social distancing,
Abby Marks Beale

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