When you first learn to speed read, one of your legitimate concerns might be, “What about the word not?” After all, this small word can dramatically change the meaning of a sentence or its paragraph. It can even alter your understanding of an entire article.

People say they really need to read slowly in order to find the word not. But who says that reading slowly will ensure you find it? Slow readers miss it, too. So, here are your choices:

a.) You can read everything slowly in fear of the word not. 

b.) You can read faster, trusting that your eyes and brain will find it. If they don’t initially see it, your brain will tell you to go back and double-check your understanding because something that you are reading doesn’t make sense.

c.) You can read faster and train yourself to look for the word not

Either of those last two choices will enable you to overcome fear of this little word and at the same time encourage you to trust your brain. Which choice are you deciding upon?

Speed Secret: In addition to the word not, many readers are concerned about missing a person’s name or spend a lot of time paying attention to numbers. If you don’t need to know the name or number, then don’t worry about it! Get what you need and move on.



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