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Learn how to get started on reading smarter, faster and just plain better with a COMPLIMENTARY One-Hour Master Class Webinar personally delivered by America’s #1 Speed Reading Expert and author Abby Marks Beale.
Here’s The Offer:
  • Get a group of 10 or more interested folks together. Perfect for busy professionals, high school and college students, educators, book clubs, and many others.
  • Contact Abby by February 28, 2018  to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY Master Class Webinar event.
  • All webinars need to be delivered by June 29, 2018.
Here’s What You and the Other Participants Will Learn in ONE HOUR:
  • What are the fundamentals of smarter, faster reading
  • What is your current reading speed and what it means
  • Some hands-on techniques that immediately increase your reading efficiency
  • Simple ideas for how to improve concentration and memory
  • How to create a quality reading pile
  • Q&A
  • And more!
Become the Master of Your Reading Workload NOW!
Contact Abby by February 28 to take advantage of this special offer! International groups welcome.

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