Myth –It is impossible to read a whole Sunday newspaper, on Sunday! While doing research for my book 10 Days to Faster Reading, I discovered that a daily edition of a big city newspaper contains approximately the same number of words as a typical novel. And the Sunday edition contains the same number of words as four to six novels! No wonder you may feel overwhelmed by reading an entire Sunday newspaper!

Truth – You CAN read an entire Sunday paper, if you are very judicious with how you spend your time. Here’s an easy-to-follow process:

  1. Get rid of the clutter: Start your process by getting rid of the unwanted circulars and sections that you don’t need or want to spend your time on. They get in your way and distract you. For me, I immediately remove the Real Estate section (unless I am looking to buy some), Car advertising section, Help Wanted, and Sports (I get enough info from my husband and sons!)
  2. Set it up for faster reading: Lay the newspaper flat out on a table with all the sections neatly underneath.
  3. Organize the sections based on your interests: Looking at the cover page of each section, decide which ones intrigue you the most and prioritize them accordingly. This way, if you run out of time, you have read the sections of most value, to you.
  4. Skim the headlines: Look for articles of interest. Disregard those you have no interest in.
  5. Read the first few paragraphs: Most newspaper articles are written in an A-frame style: the most important, new information is upfront, then the other, unimportant or older news details follow.
  6. Continue reading if you want more: If not, don’t! And for those that know the faster reading techniques in my book, use them to get through the text faster.

Wishing you more free time on your Sundays!

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