This past Saturday, two days after Thanksgiving, I received my first holiday card. Yes, that wonderful family of four WON the prize of getting their cards out first! It’s one less thing on their list of things to do during this hectic month. I’m a little jealous but truly happy for them.

For me, however, I felt the pressure to get started on mine. When my kids were younger, I wanted to share pictures of them with those we care about, near and far. Now that they are almost 18 and 21, I feel the need to do this has become less important. Recently, we’ve been alternating years giving me a year off of from the holiday card project – getting the right picture, printing it off, addressing and stamping over 150 envelopes.

This year, instead of sending holiday cards, I’m going to do something radical. Not only am I NOT going to send cards, I’m going to make phone calls instead! Yes, the lost art of speaking on the phone will be resurrected for this occasion. I’m not going to call 150 families, rather I will scan my list looking for those I don’t see on a regular basis, those who live far away or those I feel a need to connect with and I will make time this month to reach out to these folks. These calls take time, which is more valuable than the price of a holiday card and a stamp. But they are certainly more heart-warming than a piece of mail.

I will make sure to ask them all one important question, “What have you read this year that you would recommend?” I am sure to get my 2016 reading list this way! So I ask you: “What have you read this year that you would recommend?” Please send it to me and I’ll compile the list and share next month!

Happy Holidays!

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