When was the last time you felt “caught up” with your reading? If its been a long time – or never – imagine what it would be like to have that feeling.

This is the first of a short series of tips which will look at some common roadblocks and provide several unblocks to get you back onto the reading track.

Roadblock #1: I have no time to read.
If you used to find time to read but now you don’t, know that you still have the same 24 hours in a day and 168 hours per week to allocate. It’s just that now perhaps you are sure that reading can be done “later” – and “later” rarely comes!

Consider these unblocking ideas:

  • Remember how golden those information nuggets are. Find them quickly by reading JUST the first sentences of paragraphs.
  • Assume the attitude that when you are reading, you ARE working! Create more reading time in your work day.
  • Always carry some reading material with you for those unexpected waits. (I met a gentleman who got caught up on his reading by standing on lines at Disney!)

Roadblock #2: I believe I am a slow reader.
For some reason, a majority of people I meet believe they are slow, no, really slow readers. However, once evaluated, many are not as slow as they think they are.

Consider these unblocking ideas:

  • Get a reality check on your reading speed. You may find you are not as slow as you thought. go to this website hosted by my friend Bernie who created AceReader software for a free speed reading test.  Also, consider taking a timed reading test like the ones in our 10 Days to Faster Reading Book.
  • Tune up your reading skills. Take our 9 lesson speed reading course offered on-line called Rev It Up Reading.
  • Share your reading workload with your colleagues. If you are all reading the same things, why not split it up and report back to each other?

Look for Part II coming next month. Till then, here’s to getting caught up with your reading!


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