Aren’t you caught up with your reading, YET?? If you are still seeing your reading piles as too tall, then grab a quick idea here to help you conquer your reading workload.

Roadblock #3: I get easily distracted when I read.
Distractions are a dime a dozen these days, especially in busy offices where phones, emails and other people are vying for your attention.

Consider these unblocking ideas:

  • Zero-in on the things that distract you the most while reading and find ways to get rid of them. Just becoming aware of them is a great start.
  • Consider reading in a place where you can’t be found, such as in an empty conference room, a traveling colleagues office or an empty cafeteria on off hours.
  • Turn off the TV! It is too visual, auditory and tempting not to watch.
  • Move away from your computer, or if you are reading online, close out all the other programs while focusing only on what you have to read.
  • Learn how to read faster – speed forces you to concentrate!

Roadblock #4: I feel possessed to read everything, anything less feels like cheating.

Consider these unblocking ideas:

  • Consider reading only those things of value – to you. Just because it is dumped on your desk or sent to you in the mail, doesn’t mean you will find value in it.
  • Look for the writer’s outline in the factual material you read. (Hint: look at the first sentences of paragraphs!)
  • Understand that all words are not created equal in the reading process. Some are more important than others. They are typically 3 letters in length, or longer. Start training your eyes to find and read only them.

Till next month, here’s to making positive progress with your reading workload!

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