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    “If you want to read faster, then you Rev It Up Reading is the perfect course for it.”

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    We guarantee that the Rev It Up Reading Online Strategic Reading Course will challenge you to break through your old reading habits and replace them with many great new ones.Online speed reading course money back


    As a result, you will see and feel positive results in your reading speed and comprehension, both on paper and on-screen. We also expect you will feel more confident and competent about your reading abilities for work, school or pleasure reading.

    If you honestly have not experienced ANY improvement in your reading speed, concentration, comprehension OR retention after spending a minimum of five hours on the course, completing ALL 9 modules and ALL of the 17 timed reading exercises, contact us within 15 days of your course expiration to request a refund. Refunds are happily given to those who have completed the course as required above AND who have engaged with the online instructor through the EMAIL button on the course interface to get personal guidance.

    What You Get In This Online Reading Course

    It ONLY takes 5 Hours!
    There are nine instructional modules, each taking between 30-45 minutes each – for a total of JUST 5 hours.

    Available Online 24/7
    This course is available to you online from anywhere at anytime. Learn at your own pace, in your own time on Mac or PC, iPad or Tablet.

    Get Personal Help
    Email course creator anytime using the EMAIL button provided on the online speed reading course screen to get your pressing questions answered!

    Created by an Expert
    You will be learning from Abby Marks Beale, speed reading expert and author, who has written TWO best-selling books on speed reading: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading and 10 Days to Faster Reading.

    Witness Your Own Reading Progress
    You track your own progress through 17 timed reading exercises and a self-evaluation of habits assessment.

    You choose between 7, 90 or 365 Days to Complete the Course.

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