Did you know that reading is NOT the only way to get those precious information nuggets that can transform your life? There are many other ways you can get the information you crave WITHOUT READING a single word!

So how do you do this you ask? I bet you already know at least a few of the ways:

  1. Listen to recorded books. You can get audio books from the library or bookstore about almost any area you are seeking professional development in such as selling, leadership, presentation skills or time management. And you can “read” all those novels you don’t have the time or energy for by listening to them on your commute, exercise walk or carpool runs.
  2. Take a teleclass or webinar. Teleclasses are content-rich one-hour learning sessions led by an expert over the phone while webinars add in computer viewing. Many are offered at no charge while others are minimally charged for attendance. Your cost for either is just a long-distance call.  A great site to find valuable topics and good presenters is at GlobalTeleclass.com
  3. Watch videos on YouTube, listen to internet radio or watch educational TV. All these options are possible though not all will have every area you might be interested in. Do a search on the internet in your area (s) of interest (i.e. “Time Management Videos” or “Leadership Radio Interviews”) and see what comes up.
  4. Talk to friends and colleagues who do what you do. When I give talks about managing email, I speak about the need to learn one’s email software better. And no one gets excited about reading the thick software manual! So I suggest they create a software discussion group that meets regularly to talk about how each person uses their software. It is so enlightening to find out about easy keyboard shortcuts, software options and filing schemes just by asking others.
  5. Join a group. There is a myriad of other places people share info such as in parenting groups, health support networks and singles clubs. Look around – you might just find a group that can help you get those wonderful nuggets that will make your life that much easier.

Just remember that when you have the time and mental energy, reading is still an enjoyable and educational activity. Isn’t it nice to know there are options?!

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