What Our Professional Customers Are Saying…

As an IT professional who is required to read a significant amount of technical documentation on a daily/weekly basis, I believe this course is a great tool for improving your performance and staying on top of the information that sometimes becomes overwhelming. The course not only addresses speed reading but how to prioritize WHAT you need to read.

Helen Y.

IT Professional

I have been an attorney for 33 years. In my field a lot of reading is required. I have struggled all this time because I was a slow reader (agonizingly slow) and I have dyslexia. After taking the Rev It Up Reading course my reading speed and comprehension increased dramatically. Even though I took the course about a year ago, the lessons I learned continue to improve my reading speed and comprehension. My only regret, and it is a big one, is that this course was not available when I was in law school. It has radically improved the quality of my life, both professionally and personally. If you are concerned about your reading ability, do yourself a favor, take this course. The only thing you have to lose is your slow reading and low comprehension!

Cathy W.


I’ve almost tripled my reading speed within 7 days. I wish I took this course twenty years ago.

Sean C.


This course answered lingering questions I had about my reading ability, and gave me the opportunity to combine techniques to really ‘get’ speed reading for the first time. I will never forget the feeling of finally being able to fly over a page and understand it at the same time.

Joshua K.


When I began (the Rev It Up Reading online course), I had in mind that my reading speed would increase, and it did – substantially! What I didn’t know and what truly surprised me was that the ease and pleasure in reading increased very much. The course – the exercises – the support and Abby’s willingness to just help is truly above and beyond. Thank you!

Joe K.

Homeopathic Practitioner

I took some time to practice on internet articles between lessons and that seemed to help burn in the techniques and got a 3x speed increase.

Pat M.

Retired Nuclear Chemist

This course changed reading into something to look forward to.

Hans B.


Just like manual cars reading have 5 gears, you have to learn all the gears for you to enjoy adult and current reading experience. With practice you can change the gears unconsciously as if you are driving automatic car. 

Daniel D.

Medical Doctor

Abby’s hard work and expertise with speed reading pays for itself in spades!! If you do any sort of reading at all in your life, take this course to not only increase your reading speed, but your comprehension as well! This course has already changed my life as I’m a firm believer that all successful business owners read voraciously and now I can count myself in that category!    

Greg H.


An excellent course: a small time commitment with huge payoff!

Susan A.

Medical Resident

This course is very well organized and informative. It’s a great introductory course for developing speed reading skills.

Peter L.


I believe one of the most valuable things I learned is that there is no magic pill to speed reading.  But, there are techniques and exercises to make you better and you learn many of them here!



The information is presented clearly and concisely, with frequent opportunities to try strategies and track results. I found several strategies that are clearly increasing my reading speed. Highly recommend.

Ann R.


It’s never too late to improve your reading habits.

Vin D.


Easy, convenient and value for money!

Claire G.

Yoga Instructor and Mom of 2

Enlightened and very practical

Geoff B.


This is the kind of course that will get your reading abilities from good to great, from great to excellent. I’m excited by the prospect of all the great reading I’ll be able to cover with the tools this course has taught me! Now excuse me while I get back to reading!

Eric W.

Graphic Designer

“This course was a tremendous help not only in improving the speed of my reading. I learned about organization and retention along with how to identify my personal reading habits that needed work. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their reading skills for any reason.”

Lisa S.

Wellness/Health Coach

I’m about to start grad school in the fall. I’m also studying for several technical certifications. Technical certifications require much more of a reading investment than most people could imagine. I’m always looking to improve my lot in life and I’m an avid reader. However, studying and working can be tough and I needed an edge. RevItUpReading is that edge!

Dextra S.

Defense Contractor

Definitely will help you to be a better reader.

Ryan E.

IT Professional

This a good, effective and efficient course about reading faster with better controls comprehension! 


TV Executive

Fabulous.  A quick fix for those wanting to quickly increase their reading and comprehension capabilities.  Wonderful for professionals as well as students.

Sam G.

If you want to read faster, then you Rev It Up Reading is the perfect course for it.

Florian M.


I can not thank you enough for your course. I feel “brilliant” when confronted with loads of books, magazines and newspapers. Bring it on! I now have the tools to work through any stack of reading materials with complete efficiency!                    

Debbie G.

Administrative Assistant

I didn’t think there was any hope of ever reading faster. But after a couple weeks doing this course, I doubled my speed and am sure it will only go up from here!

Sarah R.


This is a good course for learning how to find the valuable information in the piles of reading materials and online resources, and how to quickly get the meaning out of it for use in personal and professional endeavors.

Liz T.


One of the best courses to introductory speed reading. Will effectively increase your speed to multiple times your current rate if you apply it.

Mark S.


Life changing course in just 5 hours!

Aga S.


I never thought speed reading could be so approachable! I feel more confident in both my ability to read through material quickly AND retain the information that I’ve read. Thank you!

Mike S.

Productivity Expert

Abby, Thanks for putting this material together! I always thought speed reading courses were gimmicks, but I’ve been wrong for years! You’ve shown me how to preserve the world’s most precious commodity – time. I’m looking forward to continuing to strengthen the muscles and skills I never knew I had! Thanks so much!

Russ H.

Finance Manager

I was completely shocked at the results I got from this course. I’ve increased my speed and comprehension materials and now I’m not afraid to go back to college armed with this information! Thanks Abby!

Toni T.


Great tips if you want to learn to read faster and to remember more of what you read.

Jana P.


I liked this course. It was concise, interactive, informative, easy to follow, and also just plain better than all of the other software, courses, videos, and articles that I have encountered.

Johann T.


I really recommend to follow this course, it helped me to reduce the pile of documents which was standing on my desk for a long time… Don’t hesitate – go and take the course!

Benoît N.


I have found this course useful, learning some new techniques and to trust my brain and its capacity for quick intake (more). It is also quite short, which is good in a time of information overload.

Martin R.


Excellent course for learning strategies to improve reading.  Was beneficial for improving my personal and professional reading.  Also appreciated the information on handling information overload (too many books in the pile) and the LATCH filing system.

Chuck T.

Computer Consultant

Very useful course, I love it.

Jihane M.


Really enjoyed the course.  I have been wanting to learn how to speed up my reading for years.  Tried several books and apps.  This online course has been the best I have found to teach speed reading principles.

Gary K.

This course is a great start for learning to read faster and with greater comprehension.

Omar M.

Maintenance Supervisor

I have hundreds of books I want to read or re-read and this course is exactly what I needed to start this journey!

Sue Y

Real Estate Professional

If you follow the course you will no doubt increase your reading speed. The reading techniques are great and just require practise to easily master plus you can choose whichever one is best for you.

Elliott E.

Business Owner

What Our Educator Customers Are Saying…

I love that this course teaches me new strategies for reading that I have never been exposed to, despite years of schooling. I only wish I had this course years ago! I am looking forward to teaching these strategies to my kids as they grow older.

Jamey W.

Former Elementary Teacher

It’s not just a speed reading course, it is a comprehensive package to keep you motivated and stick to your learning goals.

Dr Prashant D.

Assistant Professor

You just have to TRY IT! There is no better way to explain the benefits of this program it will help your focus, comprehension, speed and a large boost of confidence. This program helped me read better and increased my ability to follow through! I HIGHLY recommend this program for EVERYBODY, Knowledge is power and reading is an excellent way to obtain knowledge!

Kiara P.

High School Academic Coach

“Rev it Up Reading allowed me to take time to focus on my reading and learn new and improved ways to speed it up! I read for work constantly so anything that can help with becoming more efficient is very helpful. Highly recommended program.”

Sherry M.

School Counselor

All of my high school students completed the program, and loved it! It really helped boost confidence and comprehension. We were amazed at how easy it was to improve our reading speed. Our practice SAT scores certainly benefitted from the skills taught in the course. I will be spreading the word of your program to my college aged friends. Everyone needs to take the course!

Samuel F.

Upward Bound College Prep Coordinator, Washington State University

What Our Student Customers Are Saying…

This course was a fulfilling, productive, and exciting way to spend time during the summer!

Luke M.

High-school Student

This course has changed me for the better as a reader!! I now finally enjoy reading!!!

Ellie C.

High School Student

This course is a must do for students who struggle with slow reading and low comprehension. It is full of easy but effective techniques that will make reading much smoother and faster and also more enjoyable.

Samuel O.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the flip of a page.”

Michelle M.

Law school student and part-time Yoga Instructor

“As someone who is a tutor and a medical student, I need to teach and use reading strategies every day. Rev It Up Reading has provided me with a broad range of tactics that are available to me, and I now see that I can use them to hone my reading skills and to read with purpose. It is a course well worth taking for anyone who reads for work, school or pleasure. Thank you for helping me improve!”


Medical Student

The course helped me comprehend my school work faster which gave me more free time

Justin C.

College Junior

This was a great course. It was very informational while still fast paced. I feel like I gained a great span of knowledge on how to better the amount of reading I have to get through on a weekly basis.

Amber V.

Grad Student

This course taught me several new strategies to help me study more efficiently.

Gavin S.


Great course and really helpful if you want to increase your reading speed and comprehension.

Greg K.

College Student

I feel like I am much better prepared now to tackle law school.

Joe S.

Law Student

Well organized and helpful.  Greatly improved my words per minute.

Josephine M.


Rev It Up Reading is great for beginners who want to start their speed reading journey. Hours of practice spent here would be the start of a lifetime of learning.

Toby, C.


A source that will truly ‘REV’ up the engine of your brain for a high quality learning experience!

Cullen M.


Rev It Up Reading not only increase my words per minute and comprehension, but showed me a different outlook towards reading. Thank you!

Natali E.


I will teach this course to all of my friends and family who share in my love of reading!

Mary K.

High School Student

This program was awesome. It gave me great methods to improve my reading.

Jonathan R.

High School IB student (Gr 11)

“It (the course) was very simple to understand and learned the great ways to becoming a faster reader. This online course was the best!”

Josh R.

High school Junior

“I went from struggling with my reading and getting decent grades to speeding through my reading with A’s! Thank you so much!”

Lyle S.

College Student

Rev It Up Reading helped me overcome my slow reading habits and doubts as a reader. I am now a better, faster, more confident reader after completing this course, and I feel I can handle any reading material that may come my way.

Sarah L.

College Student

This course was easy and simple to use. And it was a decent length, so I felt like I learned a lot in a short amount of time. 

Evan R.


Amazing program that helps you read faster in just a few days!

Sadie R.

HR Student

I wish I did the course in grade 8!

Arthur H

Student, Grade 10

If you think that reading takes too much of your time then it is probably time to speed it up efficiently!

Benita Ng


This course helped me not only read faster but also helped me organize and declutter my reading and school materials and improve my study habits.

Corinne H.


It has been 8 months since I have taken your course and I took care to practice every day.

I would like to say that it really worked! The trick you recommended wherein I just subvocalize a word greatly helped with my speed. I am proud to say that I used to go at around 230 wpm and now, I can go as fast as 700 wpm (fastest record with around 85% comprehension) with academic articles. Also, reading words in groups became “automatic” to me in due time.

I am very happy with my skills and I attribute my success to your course.


Law Student

This course changed the way I approach the biology textbooks, I know much better ways to approach them now.

Nick I.


This course is extremely easy to use and more than doubled my reading speed and boosted my comprehension in just a week!

Brandon K.


An exemplary course for any student looking to decrease their time spent reading and on homework.

Brett L.

High School Student

“This program is really helpful if you’re not a very confident reader and does not spend a lot of time reading, it helped me not only improve my reading and confidence, but also increased my desire to read.”

Christian N.


“I learned many great techniques to increase my reading speed and also increase my comprehension. I also learned some techniques for note-taking and organizing my life in general.”

Laurelle G.

College Student

I thought that reading slowly meant deeper reading. I was definitely a “talker” when it came to reading. At the end of course, I easily tripled my reading speed on computer screen, while maintaining my comprehension rate.

My attitude reflected many challenges that I faced during my university studies. I was forced to read countless pages of written material, and my reading attitude did not help to speed up the process. By God’s grace, I was led to Abby’s speed reading course through a random search on “how to improve studies”, and I was immediately attracted to her clarity of instruction in the intro video. Abby’s course helped to motivate my decision to return to school. I was once a “slow reader”, but I am now an “empowered” reader. Thank you for teaching me to become a confident reader.-

Matthew P.


Over tripled my reading speed and gave me the confidence to read when I don’t have to.



I feel more confident about my reading, and read almost double the speed I did before I started this course!

Lydia G.


This class gave me confidence to tackle my giant reading pile for my master’s program.

Nate G.

Seminary student and minister

A concise and incredibly helpful course that improves not only your reading speed but your outlook on yourself as a reader.

Lili T.

University Student

A informative course that helps any reader from the hobbyist to the experts become much better readers!

Victor G

High School Student

What All Our Customers Are Saying…

I thought your course content was excellent. I actually have looked at a lot of the research mentioned in your course on speed reading and had tried to teach myself. I bought the 7 day course to compare what was in your course to what I had come up with on my own and found yours to be great for a couple of reasons.

1) it was based on sound principles. Some courses out there are based on crazy concepts. Yours is realistic and easy to grasp.

2) Your course doesn’t make unrealistic promises. So many courses promise 5,000+ wpm. These are really just effective skimming methods which may help someone who is very behind catch up on general concepts in reading, but don’t really help with “fully reading”. Your methods allow a student to read quickly without sacrificing understanding in the long term.

3) The variety of exercises you offer are excellent. Through my own study of speed reading and science behind accelerated learning, I had come up with 1 drill that I used repeatedly. It worked well, but got boring and my compliance with it would slip. The variety of exercises you present left me with many options that are exciting.

Thank you for your course. I’ve checked out many and, for the time and cost, it is the best I’ve seen by a WIDE margin.

Jake H.

from Baltimore

I did not know it was possible to increase one’s reading speed. I thought I was stuck at a low level. I went from frustrated to excited and confident about my reading!

Viviana R.

I wanted to let you know that my daughter took the online Rev it Up reading course and improved her reading grade on the ACT from a 26 (Feb 2015) to a 34 (April 2015).

Thank you so much!!!

Noelle D.

Proud Mom

Great course with great tools to help you read faster and smarter.

Victoria H.

I needed to increase my reading speed and comprehension so I could be more productive. In 7 days, I did both and have the tools for long-term success as well!

Ryan S.

I invested in the 90-day online Rev It Up Reading course in hopes of learning techniques for increasing my reading rate in order to better manage an increased amount of personal reading material. I found the course to be informative and cost effective. It explains multiple, practical speed-reading techniques in an easy-to-follow format at a reasonable price, and provides useful printable material for later self-study. Tips on how to manage one’s reading load are also provided. Of all the techniques described, I now understand which ones I most prefer, and intend to employ a combination thereof. Upon course completion, I was pleased to learn there are eight weekly course content email reminders. I highly recommend this course.

Steve H.

One of the best courses to introductory speed reading. Will effectively increase your speed to multiple times your current rate if you apply it.

Ryan S.

I would highly recommend the course. I look forward to continued practice and solidifying the gains I have made in speed/comprehension. Thank you for providing such an excellent resource!

Mark C.

Your course has made a meaningful difference in my life. God’s honest truth!

Doug O.

“I doubled my reading speed while maintaining heightened comprehension and have been able to apply these new skills to even the most technical of business/finance-related material.”

Stephen J.

“I learned what keeps me from reading faster and better, and that attitude is important. I learned strategies to help me read faster, to weed out material that doesn’t need reading, to better comprehend and retain what I’ve read, and to develop a system to review material periodically to improve retention. Also, I learned strategies to get through reading backlog, and boy do I have reading backlog!”

Carmen P.

“I learned many ways to increase my reading speed and comprehension level.”

L Maresco

from Canada

A very comprehensive introduction to Speed Reading providing understanding of how we read and gives a wide variety of techniques to improve speed and comprehension.

Steve D.

This course gave me skills and techniques to improve my reading speed and comprehension

Tom H.

Rev it up reading is amazing, it helped me with comprehension AND speed. I would certainly recommend it to young, old, friend, or stranger!

Hayden B.

I just wanted to let you know that your program is AWESOME! My daughter (age 16) was having difficulty on the reading section of the ACT. While she is a good reader, she still struggled. She has taken the ACT several times and her reading score was always around 27. This summer I purchased your program for 90 days. Well yesterday we got her test results from taking the ACT earlier this month. Her reading score was a 35. When she came home from the test that day, she said she had enough time to actually go through the reading test twice.

I am telling everyone I know that if they are looking for a speed reading program, that Rev It Up Reading needs to be their only choice. Thank you!!

Kimi E.

Proud Mom!

Yes, I would recommend this course to any students who have to read a lot, and to colleagues who feel bogged down by reading.

Sherry S.

“This course absolutely met my expectations. It drastically increased my reading speed without losing too much comprehension. At one point during the course, my reading speed got up to 843 wpm, even though this wasn’t my ending wpm count.”

Stephen N.

“I am well on my way to becoming the strong, efficient reader I will need to be for college.”

Miranda P.

Rev it Up Reading not only expanded my vision on the page and on screen, but also boosted my eagerness to read

Lia A.

Great course with different techniques for different kinds of reading.

Hank M.


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