The following are testimonials from people who have read Abby’s best-selling speed reading book

Speed Reading: The Little-Known Time-Saving Superpower* 

(*Formerly known as The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading)

Dear Abby,

Hope that this email will find you well,Thanks for helping me. PERIOD. How??

I am an international student currently pursuing a graduate degree here in the States. Before getting into university, I had a bitter story regarding admission tests, which are frequently required from non-English speakers.

My scores in the IELTS tests were poor. I retook the exam several times. I could overcome all aspects of the exam except one: reading. My problem was time. Time usually flied so hurriedly while still having many tasks at hand. I felt desperate until, one evening, I happened to roam one of those sprawling book stores here in town. I glanced an orange-colored book with a phrase-catching title “speed reading”. I flipped through it and I was instantly stunned by all practical ideas inscribed there.


I took the IELTS and got a higher-than-anticipated score in all bands, including reading section.

I am writing this simply to say, from the bottom of my heart,  THANK YOU.

Abdullah AlAsmar

Oklahoma State University

I am writing this review for people who are starting speed reading. There is no need for you to buy all the books I bought because The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading is by far the best among them all.

Simon D.

PhD student, Quebec, Canada

I just completed reading your book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading”. (In record time, no-less!) Read in I day! With comprehension and retention! GREAT BOOK!!! Well written and extremely valuable. This book has already added to the quality of my life, and will doubt be instrumental in my life, going forward (Really!).

I have been an avid reader (mostly non-fiction) for well over 20 years; and always considered myself a “fast” reader. I was surprised with the results of my first timed reading exercise (180+);I immediately “re-took” the exercise and faired not much better (200). What I realized, was that I was not a “fast” reader, but an efficient one; I have been well organized and always made/found time to read (many of your suggestions, like bring a book to waiting rooms, I have been doing for years), and as such, I have read many, many books over the years. I have also been blessed with great memory and recall, which has richly added to my life.

Your book made me realize that I was a “subvocaliztional reader; I instantly broke that habit (being consciously aware) and my reading speed improved dramatically.By books end, I was/am reading 480/500+ words per minute with comprehension and retention (I went to the library and randomly picked books that I did not have a particular interest in and did one-minute timed exercised to prove my point to myself).

Gabriel R

Real Estate Professional, San Francisco, CA

I have always looked for books on speed reading and have many books on the subject. I have read one of the author’s previous speed reading books, and I think this is the best by far. When using your hands as a guide to reading, it does help read faster. She has many great tips on how to read, what not to speed read through, and so on. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learning to read at a faster rate.

C. Godfrey

Alton, IL

Beale’s book (Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading) is well written and practical. She shares a variety of techniques and encourages the reader to try them and pick the ones that work for him or her. Included are seven practice readings and a chart to track your progress. The author’s approach is upbeat, flexible and enjoyable. I look forward to continuing to use the techniques Beale suggests, improve my speed and comprehension, and enjoy my reading.

Joanna L


I bought 3 extra copies and gave to teachers who teach reading. I also tutor Adult literacy and am using it to help with teaching my student. As a reading teacher myself, I enjoyed the tips throughout the book and got many ideas to incorporate in the classroom. I manage mechanics on a full time basis have bought 2 extra to have for use at their leisure. As for helping me, the chapter on electronic mail and organizing that was very helpful. I now spend less time and energy through techniques in the chapter.THIS BOOK IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! Thank you Abby!

R. Miller

Educator, Tulsa, OK

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