Speed Reading Winter Session

Getting Up to Speed With What You Read LIVE Webinar Series. January 10, 17, and 24, 2022

    “It’s never too late to improve your reading habits.”

    Vin D.

    “Fabulous. A quick fix for those wanting to quickly increase their reading and comprehension capabilities. Wonderful for professionals as well as students.”

    Sam G.

    “I’ve almost tripled my reading speed within 7 days. I wish I took this course twenty years ago.”

    Sean C.

    It’s the Winter of 2023!!!
    It’s Time To Become the BEST Reader You Can Be!

    3 TUESDAYS: January 10, 17, and 24
    TWO SEPARATE Classes Offered Each Day:
    12-1pm EST OR 8-9pm EST

    Join Abby LIVE for Speed Reading Winter Session

    Now’s your chance to get up to speed with what you read by spending just three hours with Speed Reading Expert Abby Marks Beale!

    Abby Marks Beale has taken her popular workshop Getting Up To Speed With What You Read and created an inexpensive and easy-to-learn from LIVE webinar series. 

    You will be VERY excited about what you can learn in just three hours!

    The webinar series includes TWO ebooks:

    1. One workbook (created specifically for you to use and follow during the webinar) and
    2. One timed reading practice workbook

    Throughout the webinars, you will experiment with your reading skills and track your progress.

    You will have ample opportunity to ask Abby questions.

    The time in between sessions gives you lots of time to experiment with your new skills.

    Consider joining this class if:

    • You’re in high school, college OR GOING BACK TO SCHOOL,
    • You’re a business professional with A HEAVY READING WORKLOAD,
    • You have little TIME to read A LOT,
    • You feel you are a SLOW reader,
    • You want to feel READING CONFIDENCE,
    • You are OVERWHELMED with all you read,
    • You read a lot ON A COMPUTER SCREEN,
    • You always wanted to learn how to BECOME A BETTER READER.

    When you complete the course, you’ll be able to:

    • Who you are as a reader
    • Many simple strategies for reading faster, both on paper AND on-screen.
    • How to use speed reading strategies to encourage concentration
    • How to find the most important information, quickly!
    • How to make your reading pile more manageable
    • How to ensure good comprehension
    • How to take good notes from reading material
    • How to approach your reading with active, mindful and conscious strategies
    • How to feel more confident AND competent with your reading

    Register For Speed Reading Winter Session

    All sessions will be recorded and available for playback through February 28, 2023.

    EARLY BIRD Registration
    (Good Through December 31, 2022)

    (Starting January 1, 2023)

    *We believe so strongly in this LIVE course that we are providing a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

    When you MINDFULLY go through our three hours of training (meaning you attend with no distractions, participate in the exercises AND ask your questions) and then implement your learning over the three week period, we guarantee you will be a smarter, faster and just plain better reader. If you aren’t, then we will give you all your money back.

    Money Back Guarantee for this training is available through March 31, 2023.

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