Speed Reading: The Little-Known Time-Saving Superpower

By Abby Marks Beale & Pam Mullan


Table of Contents

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Part 1: Getting Up to Speed with What You Read

1 Getting Started Speed Reading

Start here by identifying your reading speed and learning about the speed reading gears.

2 Winning Hands Down

In this chapter, I present the most powerful strategies for reading for speed and concentration.

3 Peripheral Vision and the Power of Prediction

Learn how to use your peripheral vision to read faster.

4 The Eyes Have It

Use key words and thought chunking to improve your reading speed while keeping
(or improving) comprehension.

5 Working on Comprehension

Learn how to trust your brain while learning the speed reading process.


Part 2: Get In, Get Out, and Don’t Go Back

6 Getting Ready to Get In

Turn here to learn how to make the time, set the place, and create the mindset for speed reading.

7 Getting In

Find the important information quickly by cheat reading!

8 Getting Out

Get what you need quickly with skimming, scanning, skipping, and keeping “why?” in mind.

9 Don’t Go Back

Learn how your memory works with remembering and forgetting and how to keep your reading nuggets for future reference.

10 Speed Reading Books and Magazines

Turn here to learn the strategies for reading different kinds of materials.

Part 3: Tuning Up Your Speed

11 What to Speed Read … and What Not To

Know you have a choice for what to read fast and what to slow down on.

12 Speed Reading On-Screen

Get the inside info on increasing your on-screen reading speed.

13 Kick Your Bad Habits, and Watch Your Speed Soar

Are you a daydreamer? Learn how to read faster by challenging your bad reading habits.


Part 4: Overload Management

14 Embrace Your Paper Reading Piles

What you read counts as much as how you read. Learn to read the best and get rid of the rest.

15 Making Your Electronic Piles Inviting

In this chapter, learn to tackle your on-screen “to read” list.



A Glossary

B Timed Reading Exercises

C Personal Progress Charts

D Calculating Your Reading Speed

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