I am not surprised when people in my classes tell me they tend to fall asleep while they read, especially work or study material. My first question to them is “Where do you read?” Many of them admit they read in bed, others say they read on a comfortable couch or their favorite reclining chair. Well, hello?! Think about it! If you are reading in these locations, then you might just be TOO comfortable!

Reading work or study material in a comfortable place is NOT the ideal place to expect to get a lot of reading done. This is because the brain has been conditioned to relax there. Your body is not poised to focus on reading for a long period of time. Nor is your body position conducive for highlighting or taking notes. It is great, however, for reading pleasurable fiction or other material that doesn’t “count”, especially for the purpose of relaxing.

So, where CAN you read where the brain has been conditioned to work? For some it is an uncluttered desk or cleared off kitchen table. For others, it is a quiet library or empty classroom. Think about it: If you can get the body to believe you are working, then it will! You will be able to get more reading done, with better concentration, and ultimately better comprehension.

Test Yourself: For 10 minutes, read in your familiar comfortable place. Then move to a more conducive place and read for another 10 minutes. See which place you read more and with better concentration and comprehension.

It is important to also consider the noise level surrounding you, but that is the subject of another tip!

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