If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I like to be efficient and not waste time. So, it makes logical sense that I share with you some of my favorite things I spend time on while asking you to share some of yours.

The crazy number of apps on your phone and the wide array of software available on the internet offer us all an absolute MASSIVE amount of things to know about, do and spend or waste our time and money on. I can’t possibly know all that’s available but by first sharing some of my favorite apps and software with you and then asking you to share yours with me, we will create a great list of “recommended resources” for all of us to check out. I promise to share ALL of your suggestions in my next email before the December holidays.

Here are some of my favorites:

Beeline Reader -adds a color gradient to text to help you read faster and more accurately.

Evernote -helps you keep all those important ideas, pics and webpages in one place.

HeadSpace – It’s a gym membership for the mind. A course of guided meditation, delivered via an app or online. Sign up for 10-day trial.

SuperBetter – created by Jane McGonigal (check out her TED talk here). It’s an app and online game that you create that helps you build resilience, be happier and reach your goals one game at a time.

Waze – This navigation app helps you avoid traffic and has saved me countless times. A must for anyone who drives!

MyFitnessPal -helps you track your calorie intake and exercise. Easy to use!

So, what apps help you save time, work more efficiently or just make your life easier? I await your email!


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