One visual way to start reading smarter


One the major principles of speed reading is understanding how to expand your peripheral vision so you can see more words at a time. It’s like learning to open your mouth wider to take bigger bites of food. (Hopefully you signed up for the FREE Sneak Peek already where you were introduced to the Discipline Your Eyes exercise. If not, you can do that now.)

Here’s the next step in the visual reading process: Know that in every sentence you read, there are key words and there are phrases. Key words are the bigger, more important words in a sentence. They are usually three letters or longer and carry the most meaning of a sentence. Try re-reading only the bold words in the last two sentences. By training your eyes to focus only on the bigger more important words (while incorporating the smaller ones at the same time), you get more meaning in less time. Experiment with it on your own reading – either on paper or on-screen! I’ll talk about phrases in the next email – stay tuned!

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