Read with Intention – the TWO Best Questions

Speed reading to me also means being able to get what you need quickly, efficiently and effectively. Before reading anything, ask yourself these two questions: 1) “WHY am I reading this?” and 2) “WHAT do I need it for?”

If you’re a student, some possible answers could include “Because I need it for a class discussion tomorrow” or “Because I am interested in this and I want to be better informed” or “Because my professor assigned it for an upcoming test.”  If you’re a busy professional, your responses might be “Because I need to keep current in my field”, or “ I could use this information when talking to my team” or “I just want to learn more about this.” Depending on your answers should dictate your level of focus and how in-depth or not you need to go. It also keeps your mind engaged with what you’re reading so you are only reading what you need.

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